International Bande Dessinée Society Conference : “Time and Space”

L’International Bande Dessinée Society renouvelle son appel à communication intitulé : “Time and Space”. Celui-ci propose ainsi d’interroger deux dimensions fondamentales au mode d’expression qu’est la bande dessinée, posant tant le problème d’une esthétique (Science-Fiction ou Histoire proposant moult représentations de l’espace qu’il est passionnant d’interroger) que d’une poïétique. Il serait ainsi intéressant d’interroger le mécanisme de l’ellipse (cette “omission temporelle” mobilisant des éléments propres au langage de la bande dessinée comme, par exemple, le “récitatif”), ou encore de s’inscrire dans l’étude du mouvement (dans La bande dessinée. Un art séquentiel, Will Eisner fait ainsi de l’espace-temps réduit propre à l’action l’occasion d’un découpage en petites cases contiguës). Nous reproduisons ci-dessous l’appel à communication dont la date limite est fixée au 30 novembre prochain.

Ci-dessous l’appel à communications de la prochaine conférence de l’International Bande Dessinée Society :

International Bande Dessinée Society

Seventh Bi-Annual Conference
Friday 8 and Saturday 9 July 2011Manchester Metropolitan UniversityManchester, England

Call for Papers : Time and Space

We welcome proposals on all aspects of time and space in bande dessinée, including narrative and thematic levels.

Bande dessinée is a spatial medium which has the resources to manage both narrative time and narrative space in multiple ways. The indeterminacy of the interframe space allows for complex relationships between the chronology of the narration and the chronology of events within the diegesis: it may be used to distend or accelerate the narration, and to manipulate order through analepsis and prolepsis, rarely signalled as overtly as in film. Different temporalities may also co-exist within a single panel, as the capacity of the medium to blur boundaries between inner and outer worlds makes it possible for remembered or half-repressed material to break through into the daily reality of a protagonist. The representation of space is similarly complex, as the spatial transitions within the diegesis are overlaid by the non-linear spatial patterning of the page, and the book, as a whole.

Time and space have long been key themes of the medium: in the classic period of Franco-Belgian production, history, science fiction and adventure were major genres, and in more recent work by artists associated with alternative publishing houses, the intertwining of the personal and national past has emerged as a key area of interest, along with revisionist histories, often of the colonial period. Adventure has tended to give way to reportage, and to the exploration of the spaces of modernity, and postmodernity, including non-lieux, heterotopias and marginal spaces associated with exclusion.

The signifying practices of the medium in relation to time and space have been theorised by scholars including Fresnault-Deruelle (linear and tabular dimensions of the medium), Benoît Peeters (the notion of the périchamp, and the typology of mise en page), Thierry Groensteen (codes of arthrology, regulating the articulation of panels), Jan Baetens and Pascal Lefèvre (spatial integration of text into the image) and Scott McCloud (typology of transitions). The ambition and experimentation of bande dessinée that has been produced by contemporary artists has encouraged scholars to employ frameworks of analysis drawn from a variety of disciplines, including postcolonial theory and cultural geography. Current academic work on bande dessinée is building on this theoretical base and extending it: we intend that the conference should provide a forum for significant advances, and in particular to create synergy between narrative and thematic approaches to time and space.

Please send papers to either

Dr Matthew Screech, Manchester Metropolitan University


Dr Ann Miller, University of Leicester

Deadline:  30 novembre 2010

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Université Paris 13, LABSIC Directeur de la revue Comicalités. Etudes de culture graphique Rédacteur en chef des Carnets de la bande dessinée

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